For A Visa Application While Still Abroad — Consular Processing

Godoy Law Office, is available to advise and assist people from other countries seeking adjustment of immigration status such as:

  • Adjustment of status from a tourist visa to a work visa
  • Adjustment of status from a student visa to a work visa
  • Adjustment of status having to do with age or family relationships
  • Adjustment from fiancé(e) visa to conditional green card (permanent residence) after a marriage takes place

A careful evaluation of your situation will allow an immigration attorney to recommend the best path forward if you believe you should qualify for an adjustment of status while still in the United States.

Consular Processing

Alternatively, you may still be in your home country and believe you should qualify for some type of visa such as a family-based visa or a work visa. You may be eligible to have your application or petition handled by a U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country. It is very helpful, in such cases, to work with an American attorney. Through email, phone and Skype communications, Godoy Law Office,, can advise and represent you in your consular processing application, by long distance. Our immigration lawyers have helped many clients resolve their immigration issues before they arrived in the U.S., by assisting with consular processing.

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