Green Cards/Naturalization

Deciding to make the United States your permanent home is a momentous decision. You need to ensure that nothing goes wrong with that transition. Whether you are applying for a green card or citizenship, you should have a skilled and experienced attorney by your side to help you deal with any unforeseen contingencies and avoid potential mistakes that could derail your application.

Securing a green card grants an individual the right to stay in the United States permanently. There are a number of ways to secure a green card, including being sponsored by a family member, spouse or employer. We can assist with all manner of green card applications.

When the time comes and you decide to become a citizen of the United States, we can assist with that as well. Becoming a citizen requires a person to have held a green card for at least five years as well as other factors such as having a relatively clean criminal record. We can help you prepare your application and deal with any challenges that should arise during the process.

During the process of securing a green card or naturalization, issues can arise that can cause your application to be denied. Having an attorney assist you with the preparation of the application, and throughout the application process, can help ensure that you put forward your best effort. A failed application can create delays and extra costs that are very challenging. We can help you avoid those extra costs and delays.

Our Skilled Litigators Work To Help You Overcome Immigration Challenges

At Godoy Law Office, we understand how important it is that a green card or citizenship application is successful. Lives can be put on hold and an uncomfortable level of uncertainty can enter your life when a green card or citizenship application goes awry. This is why we are dedicated to helping people through the immigration process. We know the impact it can have, and we want to help.

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If you or a loved one needs assistance regarding securing a green card or naturalization, you need to know that your rights are being protected by an attorney who has the skill, experience and commitment to help put you in the best position to be able to move forward with your life. Turn to the attorneys of Godoy Law Office. To schedule a consultation at our Oak Brook office, call 855-554-6369 or contact us online.

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