Your Advocate In Deportation Matters

At Godoy Law Office, we understand that the removal of a loved one could upset your life and family. If a family member faces removal or deportation, you need to act now to help him or her stay in the United States.

Our firm is available to represent people facing deportation for a range of reasons, including violating the terms of a visa or being undocumented. Most often, we represent immigrants charged with crimes, including drug and weapon offenses.

Many immigrants and other defense attorneys alike do not understand the serious consequences of facing criminal charges as a permanent legal resident rather than as a citizen. Each of our lawyers is also a former prosecutor. We have an in-depth understanding of how to handle both the criminal charge and removal proceedings facing your loved one. For more information, please visit our criminal defense site.

For such a serious matter, it is important that you partner with a team of immigration attorneys. Godoy Law Office, lawyers have the experience to determine the best route to deportation defense, such as:

Help Finding A Loved One

If you cannot find a family member and fear Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has him or her in custody, call us. From the moment you come into our office, our Chicago deportation defense attorneys are available to guide you through each step of the process, including:

  • Helping you find your loved one
  • Asking a judge to lower bond so he or she will not have to remain in detention
  • Representing your loved one at his or her preliminary immigration hearing, called a master calendar hearing
  • Later representing your loved one during the hearing to present evidence and a defense, called the individual calendar hearing
  • Developing a defense strategy that will work toward helping him or her stay in the United States, such as requesting the cancellation of removal for a legal or nonlegal permanent resident, an adjustment of status, a voluntary departure or a waiver.

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