Immigration Drug Conviction

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An individual who has been convicted of or admits having committed the essential elements of a crime relating to a controlled substance is both inadmissible and deportable. Under this section of the law, any foreign national who is, or at any time after admission has been, a drug abuser or addict is also deportable.

Removal defense for this type of charge starts with determining whether the drug listed in your conviction is in the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). You may also be eligible for a waiver of 30 grams or less of cannabis.

The attorneys at Godoy Law Office, can help determine whether you are eligible to vacate your criminal conviction or whether you are eligible to file for post conviction relief, such as a Padilla appeal. Additionally, we can help you determine if you are still eligible for removal relief such as Cancellation of Removal.

Despite A Drug Conviction, You May Be Eligible For Removal Relief.

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