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August 2016 Archives

Brothers Found Guilty of H-1B Fraud

Two brothers found guilty of committing visa fraud in November 2015 were sentenced to serve 87 months in federal prison. This stems from a lengthy investigation into the actions of Atul and Jay Nanda using their corporation, Dibon Solutions, to recruit foreign workers with specialized expertise and turning them into a cheap form of labor. The brothers would sponsor the workers' H-1B visa with the notion that they would work at Dibon headquarters located in Texas.

Legislation Introduced to Aid Northern Triangle

Armed criminal gangs and illicit trafficking organizations have made El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras some of the most volatile places to live. With incidents of violent crime, murder, and corruption growing every year, we are seeing the largest numbers of people fleeing these areas since the armed conflicts in the 1980's. Neighboring countries have recently experienced a staggering 1,185 percent increase in asylum applications from individuals trying to escape.

Untruthfulness Doesn't Show Good Moral Character

In a recent case brought before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), a native and citizen of Mexico seeking cancellation of removal was denied benefits for not proving his good moral character before the courts by being untruthful about his criminal history. He later appealed this outcome and claimed that he did answer truthfully when asked about specific dates and incidents. He further indicated that he was only inconsistent when asked unclear questions which lead him being viewed as less than honest.

Immigration Appeals Find Error In Placing the Burden of Proof

In a petition for review brought before the United States Court of Appeals, a case involving a citizen of Latvia who married a U.S. citizen was seeking to have the conditions removed from her permanent residency. To obtain unconditional legal permanent residency, her and her husband needed to petition jointly within the 90-day period before the second anniversary of her being granted conditional permanent residency. Here is where the case got complicated.

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