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Illinois immigrants could face wait in jail after minor offense

Residents of Chicago, Illinois, who are legal immigrants to this country may realize that one of the immigration consequences of criminal convictions for certain offenses is that they may lose their right to stay in the United States and therefore be deported.

Undocumented immigrants can apply for Illinois driver's licenses

For many Illinois residents, driving is a part of everyday life, so some people may not think twice about the privilege of driving. For many undocumented immigrants, however, the ability to drive legally is a daily source of anxiety. Being pulled over for a broken headlight could begin deportation proceedings for those who don't have legal immigration status.

More undocumented immigrants being sent to federal prison

The United States has started to prosecute undocumented immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border. The increased attention to criminally charge undocumented immigrants has led to an increase in non-violent immigrant offenders in U.S. prisons. 

Feds unlawfully use immigration detainment in criminal cases

When federal officials suspect someone of a crime they can hold them temporarily for questioning. However, federal rules allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement to issue "immigration holds" when someone without documentation is suspected of a crime. This allows police to hold Chicago residents for as many as five days without an arrest being made or charges being filed.

Questions surround prosecutions of immigrants crossing border

Over the last few years, immigration has been a very hot topic on the national stage. This discussion has included the topic of border security, which is something that has impacted many families in the Chicago area. When individuals are caught crossing the border without documentation, they can face criminal charges and be sent back to their native countries, even if they are just looking to be reunited with family in the United States.

Court: Minor pot offenses no longer cause automatic deportation

As we have previously covered on this blog, federal immigration authorities may use minor criminal charges as a reason to initiate deportation proceedings. Something as seemingly inconsequential as a traffic violation can create serious legal issues for those who reside in Chicago without U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status.

Chicago woman loses deportation appeal in US Supreme Court

After living in the Chicago area as a legal resident for over 30 years, one woman will be deported back to her native Mexico. The woman's immigration status became jeopardized when she was advised to plead guilty to criminal charges in 1998. The next decade would include legal struggles that would ultimately lead to the woman's imminent deportation today.

Could misinterpreted discipline cause an immigrant's deportation?

As we have previously discussed on this blog, it seems as though immigration authorities latch onto any reason to begin deportation action, even a minor traffic defense. This is exactly why many Chicago families are on edge each day, knowing that there is a possibility that a loved one could be deported for a minor criminal infraction.

The greatest gift: Chicago mother of 3 avoids deportation

As Illinois families come together this holiday season, many look to set aside their concerns in order to enjoy the company of loved ones. However, there are many families grappling with the threat of deportation and being separated from their families.

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