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Immigration Detention Archives

Some immigrants face deportation without the chance for trial

Immigrants and other residents of Chicago, Illinois, may be interested to know that many undocumented immigrants, up to 40% of all those who get deported, are forced to leave the United States without a trail. These immigrants never have the opportunity to see an immigration judge and to tell their side of their stories in the hopes that they could stay in the United States.

President promises to mull over deportation policy

The President is currently facing pressure to review his deportation policy after facing pressure from immigration advocates. Many immigration advocates are concerned about the rising number of deportations over the recent years, and this trend may also cause considerable worry amongst Illinois families who have relatives that could face deportation.

Case raises concerns about medical care in detention centers

Many immigrants living in the Chicago area no doubt have fears that if their documentation is not in order, they may face the prospect of an immigration detention. For those who have relatives or close friends with a pending immigration case, this may be an all-too-familiar daily reality.

More immigrants avoiding deportation in court

According to a recent report, almost 50 percent of all immigrants before a federal judge who specializes in immigration cases are now winning their deportation cases, effectively allowing them to stay in this country for the time being. This statistic reflects an ongoing trend of the government's losing more and more of the cases that they prosecute in order to seek the deportation of an undocumented immigrant. This trend has been ongoing for the last five years. However, it is not clear whether or not the government successfully appealed some of the cases that the government lost. Although some states have been noted for being particularly pro-immigrant when it comes to deportation proceedings, Illinois is not one of these states.

Teenager facing deportation after fatal car accident

The story of a teenaged woman who was recently convicted for her role in a fatal car accident and is now in federal detention for alleged violations of immigration law has attracted national attention. Residents of Chicago, Illinois, may have read about how the woman is facing deportation even though she immigrated to the United States from Mexico when she was four.

New study shows extent of abuse for Mexican detainees

There are two underlying themes to the immigration debate that make this issue such a contentious matter. The first is that we still don't have a clear and agreed upon solution to create an immigration system that works. Right now we many undocumented people living in the country, most of who are harmless and simply want to live in America. Some of these people were brought here as kids, and have little or no allegiance to their former home country.

Startling report: Minors placed in adult immigration detention

Over the last few months, the use of and practices inside immigration detention centers have received considerable attention. Detention facilities in Illinois have also been the subject of scrutiny among immigrants in the area, in part because immigration arrests split up families. As immigration reform talks move forward, detention is likely to be included in discussions.

Judge backs counsel for detained immigrants with mental illnesses

Three years ago, the federal government was sued for the way certain immigration detention cases were handled. According to the suit, a number of detainees were being held without hearings after being considered unable to represent themselves in a hearing due to mental illnesses. Although this particular case wasn't handled in Illinois court, the federal ruling could have an impact throughout the country.

Immigrants' right to counsel in detention remains hot topic

The unsafe conditions in many immigration detention centers have been roundly criticized over the last few months. While we have previously discussed how this issue has affected Illinois, there is one question below the surface of every one of these stories: Should all immigrants being held in a detention center have legal representation?

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