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Silicon Valley companies to chart own immigration path?

Chicago immigrants and their families may want to pay attention to some recent rumblings in the nation's capital. Tech conglomerates such as Google and Microsoft may be backing away from the initial support of a far-reaching immigration reform package that is currently stalled in the House of Representatives. Instead, the companies may pursue their own, limited reform that would address business immigration and give the companies a broader pool of potential employees.

Minority Democrats try to bring House to immigration vote

An Illinois newspaper and other media outlets recently reported that as part of their ongoing efforts to bring immigration reform to a vote, a majority of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives signed a petition requiring that the measure be brought before the entire House.

Broad immigration reform may steady food prices

Many Illinois residents know that reform of United States immigration laws remains a hot topic in Congress, even during this election year. Now, one group, the American Farm Bureau, has weighed in on the immigration debate as a representative of America's agricultural industry. The Bureau says that without broad immigration reform, food prices may go up since farm workers are apparently in short supply.

Will immigration reform efforts continue in an election year?

Many come to the United States for various reasons. Whether they seek to visit the nation or make it their new home, sometimes steps need to be taken to accomplish this. This is especially true for those that have immigrated to America with their family to relocate here.

Migration talks may ease tension between U.S. and Cuba

Many individuals dream of the day they can come to America to live. Whether the visit is temporary for work, vacation, or education, or if the party desires to make the stay more permanent through marriage or in hopes of obtaining US citizenship through naturalization, it is important for one to familiarize his or herself with US immigration laws.

Visa wait times depend on several factors

As you may have already heard, the wait time to obtain an immigrant visa depends on many factors, including where the would-be immigrant is from. Countries with more people seeking to enter the United States face a longer wait because there is a cap on the number of applications that can be approved from each country.

Undocumented immigrant granted law license

Many immigrants who are in the country illegally live in constant fear of being arrested and deported. For that reason, they choose jobs that are under the radar and less likely to get them noticed. But not one man, who entered the country illegally twenty years ago. The man worked his way through law school and passed the bar exam before applying for a licence to practice law in California.

EB-5 Visa program may be vulnerable to fraud, memo says

A visa program that is designed to attract wealthy foreign investors is being hailed as a weak point in the nation’s immigration security network. According to a memo written to Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) indicated that the protocols surrounding EB-5 visa make it susceptible to fraud.

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