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US Immigration Law Archives

Report: US, Cuba may be opening up immigration negotiations

For the last several decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba has been nothing short of complicated. As the result of long-standing Cold War policies, the federal government has maintained a very unique policy for Cuban immigrants. Individuals who make the short trek by water from Cuba to the U.S. and successfully make it to land are allowed to remain in the country. However, if they are caught by authorities before hitting American soil, they're typically sent back to Cuba.

Visas for highly skilled workers fuel immigration reform debate

A vital piece of the current federal immigration reform proposal is allowing highly skilled workers to remain in the United States with a visa. While reform is gaining traction in the halls of Congress, amendments to proposals may impact a number of people living in the Chicago area.

Cook County middle school students take on immigration reform

Although they may not be the first group of Illinois residents considered to provide advice on complex immigration issues, students at a middle school in Wheeling recently created their own immigration reform proposals to local elected officials. These students, many of whom are immigrants themselves, offered personal insights into state and federal lawmakers.

Bill introduced aimed at making immigration/naturalization laws friendlier to non-citizen U.S. military members/veterans

There are many attempts currently underway for reforms to U.S. immigration and naturalization laws. One reform that has recently been proposed involves how immigration and naturalization laws should treat one particular class of legal immigrants. The class in question is immigrants who are members or veterans of the U.S. military.

'Hoops to jump through' cause frustration for high tech workers

A recent story in the Washington Post highlights just how frustrating U.S. immigration laws can be for many people. The article tells us about two postdoctoral mechanical engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most distinguished schools in the country, who face expiring visas, hoops to jump through, and an invention that could change the face of energy technology and water-decontamination.

Senate to consider same-sex immigration rights

Throughout his recent speeches, most noticeably last month's inauguration and last week's State of the Union, President Obama has made both immigration reform and the furthering of gay rights clear legislative priorities for the upcoming months as his second term gets underway.

Chicago businessman touts economic benefits of immigration reform

As many Illinois families know, gaining permanent residency or citizenship can produce a wide array of benefits, affecting everything from family dynamics to financial security. This is exactly why so many people are eager to see what emerges from the latest round discussions to change current U.S. immigration laws.

New federal policy will ease the challenges of family immigration

Many families in the Chicago area understand how difficult it is to deal with inconsistent immigration statuses among loved ones. For example, kids may have U.S. citizenship, but their parents do not; or one spouse has legal status, but the other does not. Not only is the process to obtain a visa inordinately complex, but those who wish to change their status have to leave their loved ones behind and travel back to their home country to submit specific paperwork. That is, until very recently.

Illinois mulls driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

Over the last several weeks, there has been a lot of talk about reforming immigration policy on the state and federal level. While federal officials consider changes to US immigration law, Illinois lawmakers are sensing that it's time for changes on the state level.

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