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Fate of young Chicago immigrants exposes holes in system

People from all over the world come to the United States seeking opportunity and a more secure life for their families. However, if they don't have legal or permanent resident status, the threat of deportation can complicate matters considerably. Many young people in Chicago-area schools would like to take advantage of opportunities to further their education and careers, but not having legal status often prevents this.

Immigration bill may pave path to residence for guest workers

A group of U.S. senators, popularly known as the "Gang of Eight," recently unveiled a bipartisan immigration reform plan. One feature of this bill gaining some attention may prove to be beneficial for those in the Chicago area who wish to receive permanent resident status, but fear that their low-skilled job may exclude them from that pathway.

Researchers look into effects of undocumented status on children

In a number of posts on this blog, we've discussed the great lengths many Chicago-area immigrants go to in order to avoid being deported. As some researchers are quickly finding out, the effects of this problem aren't limited to undocumented adults, but can have detrimental effects on their children, even if they have legal status in the United States.

Chicago-area immigrants hope reform will address visa issues

The last week has brought interesting and encouraging news for many throughout Illinois. Right now, legislators are talking seriously about reforming our nation's broken immigration system. As a result, immigrant groups in Chicago are happy that specific issues relating to visas and permanent residency might finally be addressed.

Oldest undocumented immigrant in US finally gets green card

A Chicago woman who has lived in the United States as an undocumented immigrant for nearly 90 years will finally be receiving an adjustment of status. In 1923, the woman came from Ireland to the United States with her family. It wasn't until tragedy struck her family that woman ran into immigration issues.

Illinois grants tuition break, residency to undocumented students

When people leave their home countries to come to the Chicago area, they are usually seeking an opportunity to improve their lives. Unfortunately, finding access to opportunity is often rather difficult for undocumented immigrants. Many states do not allow this segment of the population to take advantage of lower in-state college tuition rates, since they cannot claim residency.

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